The Lease Collection will be one of the best real estate management and acquisition companies in America. We will do this by upholding the highest level of excellence and integrity while embracing creativity, passion and a genuine love for others to provide the best experience and service for our clients.


Armarni and Anthony (Tony) met in high school. Anthony was a junior and Armarni was a freshman. You might say they were high school sweethearts, except you’d be lying, while Anthony was smitten with Armarni, she was not the least bit interested. After years passing, the two would too frequently run into each other, at parties, stores, around the neighborhood, living their own separate lives. It wasn’t until Anthony showed up to Armarni’s job coincidentally on her birthday, that the two hit it off and seven months later they began dating.

Armarni worked as a leasing consultant and property manager. She excelled quickly within her career and won countless back-to-back awards such as leasing and marketing consultant of the year, and received many additional awards for her excellent customer service and sales.

Anthony developed a passion for real estate after serving as a mentee to highly successful real estate developers and investors.  He continued to pursue and obtain his real estate license to assist his mentors in locating new real estate deals in exchange for finders fees.


Anthony proposed to Armarni on Saturday, July 2nd, while on a boat with all of his family. Pulling Armarni to the side to have a private conversation, he nervously pulled out a ring box and asked for her hand. Forgetting to kneel or let his family know. Anthony’s brother Jabious witnessed it just in time for Anthony to recreate the magical moment for the cameras and remembering the kneel! And of course Armarni said yes!

After joining together in marriage, Anthony and Armarni discussed the many issues they seen in their career field, such as clients paying high prices for poor quality. The couple then discussed solutions about how they could possibly make things more simple and better for their clients.

The Lease Collection was then founded. Together, the couple harvest incredible vision, creativity and passion for real estate, and most importantly helping others succeed through sharing insight and resources.

Today, The Lease Collection strives to lead the way in finding the best properties and perfect tenant and landlord match for clients and do so in a way that holds the highest level of quality standards to create the best possible living environments.  


  • LOVE for people.

  • PASSION for impacting lives and communities.

  • CREATIVITY in our everyday business approach.

  • EXCELLENCE in everything we do.

“Great companies are built with great people who genuinely love people and have a passion for what they do. They work together to provide a quality experience, product and/or service that benefit all parties and the community they serve”. Tony & Armarni



Our licensed experts are passionate about real estate and use the most accurate data to offer the best advice to our clients. 


We save you time and money. We guarantee the best prices or we offer price matching!


Properties must get approved by our experienced, licensed and trained agents before we list a property on the market.  


We interview our clients and answer all inquiries because we believe in excellence and building long term relationships while providing our clients with the best experience.


Whether you are looking to Rent, Sell or Buy a property, we have access to thousands of available properties on the market. We provide a simple, fast and easy service system for a stress free experience. 


Our award winning, highly qualified and experienced team of experts are at your service throughout the entire process. We work for you in hopes you would refer your friends in the future

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